Active Directory Summer Workbook 2023 - English version

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Inspired by summer workbook, this series is designed to help you deepen or revisit your knowledge and master the nuances of Active Directory.

Each tip covers a key concept, a feature, a best practice, or a tool, all presented in a simple and accessible manner.

This workbook hasn't necessarily been just about simple concepts .

Some days might will be seemed challenging. Indeed, I've juggled between simple topics and more complex ones.

Rather than sticking to basic reviews, I sometimes want to highlight less common, less documented themes.

Despite the apparent ease of setting up an AD with a few clicks using 'Next,' far too many people think that AD is easy.

The reality is quite different, and that's what I wanted to emphasize.

Day 1: Read permissions in Active Directory

Day 2: Analyze AD permissions

Day 3: AD Partitions

Day 4: AD Schema

Day 5: Enforce a GPO

Day 6: Containers and Organizational Units

Day 7: Default locations for AD users and computers

Day 8: The domain administrator account

Day 9: Active Directory Administrative Center

Day 10: Using the domain administrator account

Day 11: Installation language

Day 12: Computer passwords in AD

Day 13: Authenticated Users

Day 14: Tracking AD changes through replication metadata

Day 15: Replicating Directory Changes permissions

Day 16: AGDLP Method

Day 17: Identifying attack paths

Day 18: Evaluating your AD security level

Day 19: Protection from accidental deletion

Day 20: Authentication with old password

Day 21: Sysinternals Active Directory Explorer

Day 22: AD dynamic objects

Day 23: Temporary membership in an AD Group

Day 24: Password Policy via GPO

Day 25: AdminSDHolder and SDProp

Day 26: Property Sets

Day 27: The Property Set Personal Information and its impact on security and governance

Day 28: AD Tier model

Day 29: Final day

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Active Directory Summer Workbook 2023 - English version

5 ratings
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